Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taped State Senate testimony reveals 36% increase in Medicaid-care related deaths

On March 16, sworn testimony presented at a Hawaii legislative informational hearing stated the death rate among the state's disability community had risen 36% in the year following privatization of the state's Medicaid services to the disabled and elderly. 

Larry Geller of Disappeared News attended the hearing and posted a videotape on his blog two days later.  There was never any response from the state regarding the startling news.

The sworn testimony is being given by Dr. Tina McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of CARE Hawaii.  The hearing is being held by State Senators Suzanne Chun Oakland, chair of the senate DHS committee, and David Ige, chair of the senate health committee.  The comments about the increased death rate come at about 5:40 on the video.

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