Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CDREA publishes 11th Anniversary webzine on the failure of the Olmstead Decision

A year ago, both the President and DHHS made a big public hoopla about the June 22, 2009 tenth anniversary of the Olmstead Decision.  That was the Supreme Court ruling that gave people with disabilities a civil right to not be institutionalized.

This year there is a small article on the government's Disability Blog.  Considering that at least twenty-two states have come under some sort of regulatory attack for violating the civil rights protected by Olmstead, it may not be too surprising.

The Children's Disability Rights Education Association has published a three page webzine on the failure of the Olmstead Decision.  We have had some success advocating here in Hawaii and legal documents are linked.

The point was also to put a face on the people who are actually being targeted for state Medicaid budget cuts across the state.

There are three sections:
The Failure of Olmstead
The Victims when Olmstead Fails
Successful Advocacy in Hawaii

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