Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update on potential Ohana involvement in Tantalus shooting

According to a reporter I spoke with this afternoon, Ohana is saying that Martin Boegel had his medications paid for by Medicare and therefore his lack of medications, apparently, is not their responsibility.

The contract between the state of Hawaii and Wellcare (parent of Ohana) as well as UnitedHealth clearly requires the health plans to provide each member with a primary care physician and a case service coordinator.
The health plan shall ensure that each member has selected or is
assigned to one (1) PCP who shall be an ongoing source of primary care
appropriate to his or her needs.  [section 40.180]

Each member shall be assigned a service coordinator who will assist in
planning and coordinating his/her care. The service coordinator shall
assist with coordinating QExA services with Medicare, the DOH programs
excluded from QExA, and other community services to the extent they are
available and appropriate for the member.  [section 40.260]
Without a primary care physician, Martin Boegel had no one to write his prescription, regardless of whether the medication was to be paid by Medicare or Ohana.

As a clarification:  the quotes are drawn from the Request for Proposal issued by the state of Hawaii, which was then made a part of the contracts between the state and the two private insurance companies.

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