Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New proposed Hawaii legislation is anti-health consumer

This bill will be discussed on KKCR at about 9:15 this morning.

Hawaii House bill 1047 (and the companion Senate bill 1274) will strip away fundamental health care consumer rights.

Right now if your managed care company doesn't agree with your doctor, you can file an appeal with the state's Insurance commissioner.  They do what is called an "external review."  If you win, your lawyer's fees are paid, so there is no financial pressure against people filing for their medical rights.

The new bills will do away with this.  People will have to pay their lawyers up front because the law forbids the looser from paying the consumer's attorney bills.

It will do away with the ability to go to court if you still don't like the insurance commission's review.

It puts all the responsibility for medical care decisions on to the people who are profiting from our privatized Medicaid system.

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