Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Abercrombie wants to cut Medicaid services??????

I just posted this on Civil Beat, but wanted to share it here as well.  I posted it in response to their article covering Governor Abercrombie's "State of the State" speech.

I am completely floored that Abercrombie would say "the rising cost of health care also requires that we cut back on benefits provided to Medicaid patients."

Why don't we stop paying out around $15 million a month in profits to UnitedHealth and Wellcare? Cutting budgets doesn't have to mean cutting services, when the middlemen are only spending eighty-four cents of every federal and state dollar they get, keeping the other sixteen for themselves.

Part of "the rising cost" is because both companies received another increase in their capitation rates in July.

When is Abercrombie going to notice any of the federal investigations going on over at Med-Quest? The DD Division of DOH already admitted a federal audit caught them at a form of Medicaid fraud.

And as long as state salaries are public, has the new DHS director thought about reducing Fink's salary back to that of his predecessor? On the other hand, I hear she was on one of his selection committees, so maybe not.

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