Monday, November 29, 2010

Was threatening letter from Evercare retaliation for blog stories?

The last time I posted on here was November 4.  I wrote two articles that day, one of them on how UnitedHealth Group in Hawaii had been under a "Corrective Action Plan" since April for violating grievance and appeals rights.

On November 6, I received a threatening letter from David Heywood, Executive Director of UnitedHealth's Evercare for Hawaii.   The letter had been sent out by certified mail on November 5.

They wanted me to stop emailing federal officials, and to push all the care services I've been fighting for since September 2009 under the rug.  Let's just start over again from scratch.

Here is the letter from Heywood.
110510 Cert Letter f Heywood                                                            

Here is the email I sent him in response on November 21.
My Email to Evercare Re Hannah                                                            

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