Friday, February 19, 2010

Health Reform D-Day Approaches

I'm sorry, but I still want to know why Obama and the democrats are so studiously avoiding mention of this epidemic of traumatization of our most vulnerable citizens.

Is it because it only affects about 6 million people? You still need to add in the parents and caregivers who will fight desperately to keep their children (of whatever age) at home with them.

How many billions of dollars in stimulus funds are going to for-profit insurance companies with out-of-state headquarters, while Medicaid funded local employment of nurses, nursing aids and personal assistance caregivers is being eliminated.

Here's a weird figure for you: since January 6, 2010, 24 states and the District of Columbia have run local news stories about horrific local tragedies resulting from cuts in Medicaid funded home services. None of them mentioned the others.

Class action and civil suits alleging civil rights violations under Medicaid law have been filed, heard and/or decided in fifteen states in the past year.

Why is anyone who cares about health care reform so studiously ignoring this problem?
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