Sunday, November 15, 2009

CDREA publishes new CMS definitions of case management for kids with disabilities

The Children's Disability Rights Education Association (CDREA) has published an article on the latest definition of case management services issued by the federal Medicaid regulatory agency.

The broad scope of required activities that must be included in "case management", coupled with the role that the individual or their designated health care decision maker play in determining these activities, gives families more control over the services they need than ever before.

While the document in question related specifically to children covered by EPSDT (i.e., under the age of 21 and receiving Medicaid), similarly written documents have been issued that cover individuals of any age who receive Medicaid because of their enrollment in what's called a "Medicaid waiver" program. 

In the state of Hawaii, for instance, anyone currently enrolled in the state's QExA program, and therefore receiving their Medicaid services through either Evercare or Ohana, plus anyone currently enrolled in the states Developmentally Disabled waiver program, are entitled to case management services.

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