Friday, August 28, 2009

Are 10 of our 50 states committing daily violations of the civil rights of our citizens with disabilities?

I've been having to devote time to my little girl's seizure issues, and my own struggle with our state waiver program over proposed cuts in her nursing hours. So I missed the comment from UCP from my last article and didn't see it until now. I hadn't had a chance to post yet about Alaska's HCBS programs being shut down by CMS, which brought to ten the number of states with either civil suits pending or ongoing federal investigations over cuts made to HCBS services. That means twenty percent of our state governments are possibly committing daily violations of the civil rights of their citizens with disabilities. This is just dead wrong.

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I'm the mom of a child with disabilities. Hannah's first neurologist said she might never develop beyond the level of a 2 month old infant, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. The brain damage was just too severe. Nine years later, she walks, uses a touchscreen computer and I've just been shown she can learn to construct sentences and do simple math with the right piece of technology. Along the way, I discovered I needed to teach myself what Hannah's rights to services really were. Learning about early intervention services led to reading about IDEA and then to EPSDT. I've been waiting for the Obama administration to realize the power and potential of EPSDT for the medical rights - including the right to stay at home with their families - of children with disabilities. The health reform people talk about long term care, and the disability people talk about education and employment, but nobody is talking about EPSDT. So I am.